Christmas in Costa Rica

Our time here in Costa Rica is coming to an end. We have had an amazing year filled with so many new experiences. Our focus as a family this year has been on having more adventures, more time together and much less focus on personal belongings. We moved here with only 1 suitcase each and have lived in 4 different places each only being a very small 2 bedroom condo. We have learned lessons about how to appreciate the things we have and how to live with less stuff and less space.

With that in mind we wanted to end our experience here with Christmas in the same way. We have spend time as a family crafting our Christmas tree and decorations this year. We are so blessed that the boys grandparents could join us here for the last 2 months and will have an untraditional meal on Christmas Eve to celebrate. We plan on hitting the beach Christmas day after the few gifts are opened and appreciated.

We want to thank you so much for sharing our journey, it has been an incredible year!!

From our family to yours ;

Merry Christmas , wishing you all Love, Laughter, and Adventure in the year to come. Pura Vida

# Scuba Diving!! :)

A  few weeks ago I completed my scuba diving course and am now certified to go down to 12m/40ft with a divemaster. When you first go underwater it’s a little nerve wracking, but after you open your eyes and take your first breaths it is incredible. It is a whole new world underwater and there are few ways to discover this underwater world. By MD

MY certification card
My PADI scuba card



Halloween y día de los Muertos

Moving to Costa Rica we did not know if we would get to celebrate Halloween this year. Most places here have a Day of the Dead celebration not Halloween. We were lucky enough to get to do both.

Our community decided to have a trick or treating night for the kids for the first time ever. Some people decorated their golf carts and other people dressed up and just stood on the street and some businesses handled out candy too.

At school we made an altar to honor our family that have passed away. We decorated pictures frames and put a a message about them with the picture.


Tortugas – Turtles

Yesterday we took a ride to Ostional to see the Arribadas or the arrival of the great numbers of Mama turtles coming to lay their the eggs on shore. It was a two hour drive but it was worth it. When we hit the beach and looked we saw thousands ( it looked like thousands anyhow) of turtles. We had to walk carefully and not walk in front of the turtles so they would not turn back. We saw them coming in from the ocean and laying their eggs and then going back out into the waves. It was really awesome to see!

See more photos in the gallery here:



Humpback Whales

The humpback whales have come to Guanacaste and we are lucky enough to see them from our deck. Today we saw whales when we were swimming at the beach.🐋🐳🐋🐳 and they shot straight up out of the water !! I wish we had our camera for that , it was awesome . We took some pictures from our deck of them by the boats, we are hoping to go on a boat to see them up close .


Today after school we got to take a scuba lesson ! It was reeeaaallly great !!! We learned hand signs for turtles , sting rays , ok, not good .. because you can’t talk under water. It is really quiet under water , all you hear is people inflating or deflating their vests and blowing bubbles. We want to go to the ocean but you have to be over 10 so only M gets to go for now. And sadly B did not get to go at all as he is not 8 yet:(.

Surfing Adventures

Hello Everyone!! We hope you are having a great summer off school. We are still in school here so have been pretty busy but will try to catch up on our writing now. Starting with our latest adventure, Surfing!!

We went to Tamarindo to learn to surf. We took a lesson in the morning and then we kept surfing all day because it was so much fun. We want to go some more!